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Constance is an ordained minister, prophetic psalmist, artist, and founder, along with her husband, of Return To Judah Ministry. (Isaiah 10:21) Amos 9:11 is her life scripture: Restoration of the Tabernacle of David. She was awakened to God’s love for Israel in 1997. This was a very painful season, as two of her teenage kids were in drug addictions and very destructive lifestyle. But, as she led worship at an Aglow event, and sang ‘Shalom, Jerusalem,’ the Lord told her something that became a foundation stone in her life. He said, “As you worship Me, and sing over My beloved Jerusalem, I am taking care of all your beloveds needs.” This freed her to follow the passion of her heart: prophetic, intimate worship of Yeshua.

When her family moved from Texas to Colorado in 2000, she joined Prayer for Israel in the World Prayer Center. This began an intense season of learning about Israel. Wonderful mentors Barbara Byerly, Quinett Sherrer Simmons, and Deborah Kellogg trained her in multiple aspects of Israel ministry. In 2001 she became the leader of the group, renaming it “One Heart For Israel.” Her first two trips to Israel were prayer journeys in 2002, and 2003 with Deborah Kellogg (Prepare The Way Min.). Recognizing that God’s restoration of the Tabernacle of David involves the Jewish people coming back to possess the land and see it flourish, her life scripture expanded to Amos 9:11-15. She also organized and led regular regional worship events with focus on Israel in the WPC for several years.

In 2004 she had an open vision, where God took her over The Negev. He engraved Obadiah’s prophecy (vs. 20b, 21) into her heart, and He told her to bring teams into The Negev to worship Yeshua, and to prepare the way for Sephardic Aliyah. In 2018, she led her first team on a journey worshipping through Israel.

As a prophetic artist, (Wings of Mercy Art), her images convey aspects of God’s character, and how important Israel, the Jewish people, and the Arab people are in Scripture. Much of her artwork appeals to Jewish people, and is used by the Lord to open hearts of people from every nation to Who He Is. She and her family live in Lone Oak, Texas on 10 acres of land land which they have been clearing, building on, pioneering as a family. Our Faithful Jehovah is restoring our family (4 grown children/2 grandchildren) after 20 years of devastating crisis’. To Yahweh be all the glory!!

Constance Woods USA TX