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1000 Israeli musicians sing with one voice, BRING THEM HOME! - Homeland concert

1000 Israeli musicians sing with one voice, BRING THEM HOME! - Homeland concert

We wanted to share this inspirational music video produced in the Caesarea Amphitheatre by over 1000 Israelis, some who are families of the hostages held by Hamas Terrorists. Please share this powerful concert and comment below to show your support for the victims and hostages! HOMELAND CONCERT Vision & Production: TALYA YAROM Music Arrangement: ERAN MITELMAN Directors: SHILLO GALLAY & DANNY CASSON -------------------------------------------------------- The national musical flagship project "HOMELAND CONCERT" - for the purpose of returning the hostages home, took place last week, with the participation of 1,000 musicians and singers from all over the country to the Caesarea Amphitheatre, playing and singing en mass music show. The official international music video is already broadcast and has already caused a sensation all over the world. The entire event and music industry in Israel mobilized in full voluntarism for the benefit of its production. The concert was initiated and produced by senior producer Talya Yarom, Musical management - the musician Eran Mitelman, conductor - maestro Mark Wollach (Israel Opera Orchestra), Directors - Shilo Gallay and Danny Casson. This musical show is on the largest and most significant scale that has ever been done in Israel! And has already brought many echoes overseas as well. The families of the hostages also joined the photo day with mass singing, and together with the orchestras and rock musicians - we crossed all possible boundaries!