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  • Why are the Watches Three-Hours Long?
    We have prayed into this issue and believe the Lord has directed us to build this prayer initiative on the tried and true model that Dr. John Mulinde and their team of intercessors established many years ago at Prayer Mountain in Kampala, Uganda. Each watch is three-hours long. There are eight watches each day which total 56 watches per week. Each Nation is responsible for at least one 24-hour day each week with eight, three-hour watches. Each Watch has a Ministry Team (One each: Worship, Prayer Leader and Aliyah Teacher).
  • Why do the Watches Follow Israeli Time?
    The watches follow the Hebrew Calendar & Israel Time (IT). The watches also follow Day & Night as God declared in Genesis 1 - begin and end each evening at 6pm (IT). There are three clocks shown as you enter your specific altar of prayer room. The clocks provide the current local time in Jerusalem, EST in the USA, and Uganda. You can coordinate YOUR applicable local time with the Jersalum clock shown to find the current prayer meeting in session.
  • Is There a Way to Communicate With Members of My "Watch" Outside of the Prayer Meeting?"
    Absolutely. As you meet with others on your chosen watch, you will develop meaningful relationships and can use your personal Profile page to have private conversations with others on the Altar of Prayer, much like a Facebook page. You may want to connect with members from your group in the "Small Group for After Watches" which is found in the top menu dropdown under the "Watchmen" tab. There is also an "Outer Court Forum" for topical discussions among members of the prayer groups. This page is also found under the dropdown menu from the "watchmen" tab at the top of the menu.
  • How do I Sign Up and Access the Altar of Prayer?
    Click on the LogIn Icon found beside the top menu bar. Then, select "Sign up" and complete the registartion form. Your application will be processed and you will receive an email when the registartion has been approved. This process may take up to 48 hours. Once you have received your approval email please return to this site and join us in prayer. You will access the site using your email and password that you create at registration. To access the Altar of Prayer Meeting in Session - Go Directly to the Altar of Prayer Button found in the middle of the HomePage or in the dropdown menu on the top menu bar under the heading "Watchmen."
  • Can I Participate in More than One Prayer Watch?
    Yes, once you are a registered site member you are welcome to participate in any Prayer Watch that is in session. However, if you do not join the Watch at the beginning of the meeting you are not permitted to participate audibly. In this case, we request that you keep your microphone on mute but you are welcome to participate through silent observation. This is because we believe prayers of agreement in unity cause God to command His blessings (Psalm 133) and unless you are there for the full watch, it is not possible to be fully in unity. Be sure to check the Host Language. This information is posted in the Altar of Prayer at each listed watch.
  • Is it Acceptable to Participate in a Prayer Watch Not in My Nation if I have the Language Skills to Understand the Prayers?
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