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Breaking News:


  • A temporary pause in fighting – a brief ceasefire – will begin at 7 am on Friday morning

  • The pause will last for four days

  • Hamas will release 50 Israeli women and children hostages

  • For every additional 10 hostages that Hamas releases, Israel will pause fighting in Gaza for one additional day

  • The Red Cross will visit all of the remaining hostages in Gaza, assess their conditions, and provide medical care

  • Hamas will also allow more Palestinians in the northern part of the Gaza Strip to move safely to the south

  • In return, Israel will release 150 Palestinian women and young people who were convicted of crimes from prison

  • Israel will facilitate the arrival into Gaza of more trucks filled with food, fuel, medical supplies and other humanitarian relief

  • For six hours each day, Israel will stop using drones and other aircraft to provide surveillance of the northern section of the Gaza Strip

  • Israel also apparently agreed to stop aerial surveillance and activity over all of the southern part of the Gaza Strip

These last two items are especially worrisome.

  • Obviously, Hamas wants the freedom to move its terrorist forces out of hiding in the north to regroup, refuel, and rearm – all without the IDF watching.

  • Certainly, Hamas wants to have time to lay more land mines and IEDs, and booby-trap more buildings in the north – all without the IDF watching.

  • They likely also want to set up more rocket launchers in the north and load them with more rockets to be able to start firing again at Israel – all without the IDF watching.

  • And Hamas wants full freedom of movement in the south so they can actively prepare for the next round of IDF operations. This is especially true in and around Khan Younis, Hamas’ main base of terror operations in the South.

But this is the deal that the Biden administration negotiated, with the active help of Qatar, the Gulf state where Hamas’ top leadership lives in luxury. In the end, Israeli leaders had little choice. They could not pass up the opportunity to get at least 50 Israeli hostages home safely to their families and friends.

We need to redouble our efforts and pray harder for five things:

  • The full and immediate release of all of the hostages

  • The total defeat and destruction of the Hamas terror empire

  • The complete liberation of the Gaza Strip from the Hamas reign of terror

  • The protection of all 1,000 Christians in Gaza

  • The safety and salvation of every innocent Palestinian in Gaza, and of every Israeli, as well.

Summary of Sunday (Nov 19): Day 44

  • The Paratrooper Brigade in cooperation with armor, engineering, and air force units fought in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Ijlin in southern Gaza City near the coastal road, and the neighborhood of Rimal some 3 kilometers from the center of Gaza City. The fighters located some 35 tunnel shafts and many weapons and eliminated terrorists. The brigade also raided a military camp used by the Hamas’s military intelligence, and located ammunition depots and 7 rocket launchers. Rimal is considered the luxury neighborhood of the Gaza Strip where senior Hamas commanders lived and used the civilian space for terrorist activity. Within the neighborhood, there are military posts and government buildings.

  • IDF fighter jets destroyed many Hamas terrorist infrastructures in the neighbourhoods of Jabaliya, Zeytun, and Beit Lahia. Over the past 24 hours, the fighters of the Nahal Brigade fought on the outskirts of the Jabaliya neighbourhood, encountering and eliminating Hamas terrorists.

  • In one of the battles, a Nahal Brigade combat team identified a terrorist squad that was about to fire on the troops from the roof of a residential building, and the force directed a warplane from a distance to eliminate the terrorists. A consequent search revealed weapons and military equipment in civilian residential buildings.

  • Meanwhile, an IDF Navy flotilla of missile boats attacked Hamas targets along the Gaza Strip coastline using thousands of munitions from the sea, and providing the ground forces with fire escorts, thwarting land threats against IDF infantry and armored forces.

  • Along the northern border, following a recent alert, the air defense fighters successfully intercepted a suspicious aerial craft that crossed over from Lebanon. IDF forces responded with an attack on Lebanese territory.

  • Earlier, IDF warplanes destroyed Hezbollah infrastructures inside Lebanese territory. In response to about ten launches of mortar bombs that fell in an open area, the IDF attacked the source of the shooting in Lebanese territory.

Summary of Monday (Nov 20): Day 45

  • On Monday (Nov 20), the “Iron Beam” achieved its first successful interception, neutralizing a rocket launched by Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip into Israel. This marked the inaugural operational use of a laser-based air defense system in a war-time situation. The Iron Beam is slated for full deployment as early as next year. Upon its initial launch, developers hailed it as a game-changer in the Middle East. A laser defense system is expected to be considerably more cost-effective to maintain than the current Iron Dome. While Qassam rockets used by Hamas are estimated to cost $300-$800 each, a single Iron Dome interceptor missile is approximately $50,000. Since the beginning of the war that began after Hamas’s October 7 massacre known as the “Black Sabbath”, more than 10,500 missiles, rockets, mortars, and drones have been launched at Israel.

  • On Monday (Nov 20) the 45th day of the Iron Swords War, IDF troops continue to tighten their control of the northern Gaza Strip and destroy terror targets in the area.

  • The engineering, infantry and armored forces of the 36th Division are fighting Hamas terrorists from the Zeitoun Battalion in Zeitoun, in the northern Gaza Strip.

  • The Zeitoun Battalion is the main battalion of Hamas in the Zeitoun neighbourhood of Gaza City. IDF forces encountered the enemy in the heart of residential neighbourhoods, hospitals, and schools, hiding and attacking from civilian infrastructure.

  • During operations today, fighters from the 188th Brigade and the 890th Battalion found a weapons cache in a mosque in Zeitoun.

  • An airstrike, based on guidance from Israeli military intelligence and Shin Bet security, eliminated three Hamas company commanders. The Nahal Brigade combat team identified a terrorist squad as they entered a nearby building and called in an airstrike on the squad. As a result, the terrorists were killed and the weapons depot where they were hiding was destroyed.

  • Female soldiers of the 414th “Nesher” Battalion ("Eagle"), which suffered heavy losses on October 7, identified and assisted in attacking dozens of Hamas defense and observation posts in the Gaza Strip. As part of the battalion's activity, the troops identified missile launching positions set up by Hamas and struck and destroyed them.

  • The IDF also announced on Monday that it has apprehended and brought more than 300 terrorists from terror organizations in Gaza into Israel for questioning. Each and every interrogation leads to the release of new locations and the human intelligence that emerges from the Gaza Strip.

Summary of Tuesday (Nov 21): Day 46

  • The Israeli Air Force attacked about 250 Hamas targets over the last 24 hours, including armed terrorists, missile launchers and various buildings used for terrorist activities.

  • In addition, an IDF helicopter overnight destroyed the rocket launcher responsible for the barrage that activated alarm sirens throughout Tel Aviv and the greater Dan and Shfela areas on Monday (Nov 20) evening, which was located in a residential area.

  • On Tuesday morning, soldiers of the 162nd Division, which includes the regular Nahal and Givati Infantry Brigades, completed the encirclement of the town of Jabalya, which is reportedly one of the next targets of the ground operations.

  • To prepare the area for the ground forces, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and soldiers of the 215th Pillar of Fire Artillery Brigade destroyed several targets in the area, including three underground shafts and the terrorists manning them on the outskirts of the town.

  • Forces from the 162nd Division then battled terrorists in the same area, locating and destroying rocket launchers, while soldiers of the 551st Brigade and special forces operated north of Jabalya to open up a route for the division.

  • During the operations, Israeli soldiers eliminated many terrorists with assistance from the IAF, seized weapons in several locations, including residences and children’s rooms, and destroyed multiple tunnel shafts.

  • In addition, fighters of the Harel Brigade located a weapons cache in the house of a Nukhba Force terrorist, while a unit of the 14th Armored Brigade located an anti-tank missile hidden under a baby's bed.

  • The reconnaissance unit located and destroyed more than 70 targets, including observation posts and other terrorist infrastructure – most of which were in civilian areas – and anti-tank missile squads.

  • In the area of the Al-Shati refugee camp, Maglan soldiers confiscated weapons during the raid of a terrorist’s home and found two underground shafts under a nearby school.

  • The IDF also announced the deaths of two IDF soldiers. They were identified as Cpt. (res.) Arnon Moshe Avraham Benvenisti Vaspi, 26, from Yesod Hama’ala, an officer in the Givati Brigade’s Reconnaissance Battalion; and Staff Sgt. Ilya Senkin, 20, from Nof HaGalil, a soldier in the Givati Brigade’s Rotem Battalion.

Summary of Wednesday (Nov 22): Day 47

  • On Wednesday (Nov 22) morning, ahead of an expected pause of several days in fighting, the IDF said that troops have uncovered and destroyed some 400 terror tunnel shafts in the Gaza Strip since the start of the ground offensive last month.

  • The military also announced the death of a soldier in northern Gaza, bringing the ground operation death toll to 69, while the IDF said it was still continuing heavy fighting against Hamas terrorists in northern Gaza before a temporary truce is slated to come into effect. Hamas and Egyptian state media said the pause, during which Hamas is to release some 50 Israeli hostages — children, mothers and other women — and Israel to free some 150 Palestinian security prisoners, was scheduled to begin soon.

  • Meanwhile, rocket sirens sounded in Gaza border towns on several occasions on Wednesday morning and afternoon.

  • The IDF said Wednesday that troops of the elite Yahalom combat engineering unit have played a significant role in demolishing the Hamas tunnels over the past month of fighting. The tunnel entrances have been found deep within civilian infrastructure, including residential buildings, schools, hospitals and other sites.

  • The IDF has accused Hamas of using the Palestinian population in Gaza as human shields by deliberately placing its terror infrastructure within the civilian environment. In recent days, Israel has revealed a number of tunnel shafts in and around the Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza City, as Hamas has repeatedly denied that it operates underneath the medical center. (Note: On Tuesday, the military said it had breached a blast door at the end of a Hamas tunnel discovered by forces last week underneath Shifa Hospital.)

  • The IDF said Wednesday that overnight, its Harel Armored Reserve Brigade struck Hamas tunnel infrastructure in northern Gaza from which operatives opened fire at troops several days ago.

  • The IDF cleared for publication early Wednesday the death of Cpt. Liron Snir, 25, who was killed fighting Hamas terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip. Snir, from Judea-Samaria settlement of Ofra, was a team commander in the Golani Brigade’s reconnaissance unit. His death brings the toll in the ground operation to 69. The IDF said that a soldier in the Givati Brigade’s reconnaissance unit was seriously hurt in the fighting.

  • The military made clear on Wednesday morning that it was continuing to operate in the Gaza Strip, with ground forces clashing with Hamas operatives, and strikes being carried out against the terror group’s infrastructure, ahead of an agreed-upon temporary truce.

  • The IDF said that the 7th Armored Brigade called in a number of airstrikes overnight against Hamas sites from where gunfire was directed at troops. Troops of the Givati Infantry Brigade, meanwhile, raided Sheikh Za’id, near Jabaliya, and destroyed a number of Hamas observation posts.

  • The IDF said its 14th Armored Reserve Brigade raided the Beit Hanoun area, locating a weapons cache inside a home. Forces of the Paratroopers Brigade’s 202nd Battalion clashed with Hamas operatives in northern Gaza, killing several of them.

  • The IDF said the 261st Reserve Brigade identified a building in northern Gaza with Hamas operatives and weapons inside, and destroyed it, killing those inside. The Navy also carried out strikes against Hamas sites along the coast, including a residential building from which Hamas snipers opened fire at ground forces.

  • On Wednesday (Nov 22),, the IDF continued to urge civilians in the city of Jabaliya and the Shejaiya neighbourhood in Gaza City, both in the north of the Strip, to move south during the daily humanitarian corridor.

  • The military, which has been pushing further and further into the Hamas stronghold of Jabaliya said the corridor will remain open until 4 pm Wednesday. The army also announced that Wednesday’s tactical pause would be in the Jourat al-Lot and Batn al-Sameen neighborhoods of Khan Younis.

  • When fighting resumes following the expected temporary truce, the IDF has indicated that it has no plans to allow Palestinians to move back to northern Gaza when the military expands its ground offensive into the southern part of the Strip. The IDF instead plans to direct the civilian population to areas away from the expected ground offensive in southern Gaza, in order to reduce civilian casualties. The population may move around in southern Gaza, but not northward.

  • So far, the IDF has declared the small al-Mawasi area on the southern coast of Gaza as a “safe zone” amid the ground offensive in the north and airstrikes across the Strip.

  • The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry claims that over 14,000 people have been killed in Gaza since the start of the war, including at least 5,500 children and 3,500 women. The figures provided by the terror group cannot be independently verified and do not differentiate between civilians and Hamas operatives, and also do not distinguish between those killed by Israeli airstrikes and those killed by failed Palestinian rocket launches such as the one that hit the Al-Ahli hospital in October.

Summary of Thursday (Nov 23): Day 48

  • As the temporary agreement for a pause in fighting, which was to see the release of 50 hostages, will not be implemented as until Friday (Nov 24) morning, fighting in the Gaza Strip continued as usual. At the press briefing Wednesday evening, PM Netanyahu also denied rumors that the temporary pause in fighting would lead to the end of the war effort against Hamas. With the lull in fighting delayed, IDF troops continue operations in the Gaza Strip throughout Gaza:.

  • IDF forces struck terror targets in the area of Jabalya.

  • An IDF drone targeted armed terrorists who approached IDF troops and also struck an observation post, posing a threat to soldiers.

  • An IDF drone working with tanks eliminated a number of terrorist cells in the northern Gaza Strip, per the direction of ground troops.

  • IDF troops exposed a terror tunnel shaft in an agricultural area in Beit Hanoun, which was destroyed.

  • IDF soldiers also located numerous weapons and a terror tunnel shaft inside a civilian residence in the area.

  • In the last 24 hours, IAF hit over 300 Hamas targets, including military command centers, underground terror tunnels, weapon storage facilities, weapon manufacturing sites, and anti-tank missile launch posts.

  • Ground troops, again, found a tunnel shaft located in a mosque, and another tunnel shaft inside a residential building, along with weapons.

  • The IDF also struck Hamas infrastructure in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis, where Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar resides. Fifteen terrorists were killed in the strike.

  • Israel has dropped leaflets in certain Khan Younis neighborhoods advising residents to leave the area, as they did in the northern Gaza Strip before the ground invasion.

  • Israel detained the director of the Al-Shifa Hospital, Muhammad Abu Salmiya, for questioning while he was attempting to flee to the southern Gaza Strip.

  • Until now, IDF soldiers have exposed and destroyed approximately 400 terror tunnel shafts. Since the beginning of the war, more than 10,500 rockets have been fired toward Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. At least 1,300 rockets aimed at Israel fell short inside the Gaza Strip. Given the dangerous security situation on Israel’s southern and northern borders, 243,228 Israelis have been evacuated from their homes. Some of them are being hosted by families in the center of the country. Many others were placed in hotels or alternate housing. A staggering number, nearly 8,500 Israelis, have been injured during the war so far; among them, 35 have suffered critical injuries.

Summary of Friday (Nov 17):

On Friday (Nov 24) morning, it took only 15 minutes for Hamas to break their end of the ceasefire, as was expected. Just a half hour before the ceasefire was expected to take place at 7am, rocket alerts were heard in Nir Oz along the Gaza border. And then, at 7:15 am, Israel intercepted a rocket headed towards Kissufim and Ein Shlosha along the Gaza border. While Hamas is making it clear that they can and will disregard the ceasefire when convenient for them, everyone expects Israel will look away and ignore the breach.

According to the London-based and Qatar-affiliated Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Hamas will not allow the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to visit the Israeli hostages. This constitutes a violation of the Hamas hostage deal with Israel. Apparently, Hamas will notify the Red Cross of the hostages’ situation and health condition but won’t allow direct interaction. The section about the Red Cross visits of the hostages who will not be released in the initial phase was included in the agreement and approved by all the parties. The guarantor countries of the agreement – Qatar, the USA, and Egypt – are obliged to verify its full implementation.

Hostage Release(at the time of this writing)

  • At 6 pm, Qatar foreign ministry spokesperson Majed al-Ansari announced that 39 Palestinian women and minors imprisoned by Israel have been released in line with Israel’s commitments to the truce. He also confirmed the release of 39 women and children detained in Israeli prisons in implementation of the commitments of the first day of the agreement.

  • Qatar Foreign Ministry spokesperson Majed al-Ansari tweets, “We confirm that the Red Cross has received 24 civilians detained in the Gaza Strip, including a number of civilian women and children within the framework of the humanitarian truce agreement. A number of Thai citizens have also been released outside the framework of the truce agreement and they are currently on their way out of the Strip with the Red Cross.”

  • Earlier statements said there would be 13 Israeli and 12 Thai hostages released today. But Ansari says 13 Israeli hostages were released — some of whom are dual citizens along with 10 Thai citizens and one Filipino citizen.

  • The Red Cross issues its own statement saying, “We are relieved to confirm the safe release of 24 hostages. We have facilitated this release by transporting them from Gaza to the Rafah border, marking the real-life impact of our role as a neutral intermediary between the parties.”

  • At 6 pm, Israel confirmed that the 13 Israeli hostages were in the hands of the Shin Bet security services.

  • At 6:15 pm, the 13 Israeli hostages (10 women and 3 children) were in the hands of Israeli authorities and were en route to the Kerem Shalom crossing through which they will enter Israel. While the Kerem Shalom gate separates Israel from Gaza, there is also a side gate separating Egypt and Israel, which the hostages crossed through.

  • At 7 pm, a statement from the IDF confirms the 13 hostages are in Israeli territory and are being escorted by special forces and the Shin Bet after undergoing an initial assessment. The security forces will accompany the released hostages until they reach their families at the hospitals. They will continue to work together with the defense establishment’s bodies for the return of all the hostages. The IDF also asks the public to “show patience and sensitivity and respect the privacy of released hostages and their families.”

  • At 7:30 pm, PM Netanyahu released, “The Israeli government welcomes the return of our citizens. The Israeli government is committed to the return of all hostages and missing persons. Our citizens underwent an initial medical examination, and their families were informed by the appointed officials that they have returned.” PM Netanyahu confirmed that 11 foreign nationals have also been released, referring to 10 Thai and 1 Filipino national.

Gaza War Insights and Revelations:

The situation facing the 1,000 or so Palestinian Christians in Gaza City is very dangerous and very complicated. At least 25 Christians were able to leave the churches in Gaza City, get safely to the South, and were allowed to enter Egypt via the Rafah Crossing. They received visas from various countries around the world and all – or nearly all – have departed for those countries already. Meanwhile, other Palestinian Christians who have also gotten their visa requests approved are now making their way southward towards the Rafah Crossing and, Lord willing, will be able to exit the Gaza Strip in the coming days.

Two urgent needs remain:

  • First, let’s pray that in the upcoming four-day window every single Palestinian Christian suffering in Gaza can find the help that they desperately need to get to safety, be that in Judea-Samaria, or in Egypt, or in other countries.

  • Second, in the meantime, let’s be praying that Christian NGOs can find a way to urgently get food, clean water and medical supplies to the Palestinian Christians that remain in Gaza.

Note: The Palestinian Christians in Gaza are scared of being accidentally bombed or shot by the IDF, but many are terrified of being forced by the IDF to move South and unable to leave Gaza, and thus vulnerable to rape or murder or both by Hamas fanatics. If these 1,000 Christians felt safe in the South, they would be there already – instead, they have sheltered in two churches and several private homes in and around Gaza City because they are fearful of a Hamas genocide in the South, and certain that even though they are politically opposed to Israel, they know the IDF will protect them, not attack them. The number of Christians living in Gaza has plunged from more than 3,000 in 2007 to only about 1,000 today because they fear for their lives, their liberties, and their children’s economic and educational futures. Not every Palestinian Christian in Gaza is be able to get a visa to travel to a foreign country for safety, so if and when the war rages on, where should these Christians go for refuge?)

I’m horrified by the danger that Hamas has put the Christians in.

On Wednesday (Nov 22), for the first time since the Swords of Iron war between Israel and Hamas began, a team of reporters from Israel's Kan news was allowed to accompany the IDF soldiers facilitating the escape of Gazan residents from the northern Gaza Strip to the south. While Israeli soldiers are securing the humanitarian corridor on Salah al-Din Street, they are also scanning the crowds for the possibility that hostages, or terrorists, are being smuggled among them. The soldiers could be heard shouting through loudspeakers. “Is there a girl here who understands Hebrew? Is there a boy or girl here who understands Hebrew? Children, anyone who understands Hebrew, run to me, don’t be afraid!” the IDF was attempting to discover any hostages who may have taken to south Gaza in the mass evacuation of Gaz City.

On Thursday (Nov 23) morning, the director of Shifa Hospital in Gaza City was arrested by Israeli forces and taken for questioning by the Shin Bet security agency. Several other medical personnel from the hospital were also reportedly detained. A joint statement issued by the IDF and Shin Bet said Mohammad Abu Salmiya had been arrested and was being interrogated on suspicion of enabling the hospital to be used by Hamas as an operations centre. The Israeli statement noted that:

  • Considerable evidence was revealed that the hospital, under Salmiya’s direct management, served as a headquarters of the terrorist organization Hamas.

  • Hamas used many resources from the hospital, including electricity, to maintain a tunnel system under the facility.

  • Hamas stored many weapons in and around the hospital.

  • There was “extensive terrorist activity” in the medical center which was under Abu Salmiya’s management.

IDF soldiers operating in the Gaza Strip filmed Hamas operatives surrounding themselves with children to prevent the IDF from firing at them. Leading online activist Ella Kenan, who shared the photo, commented: “A photo taken today in Gaza shows how Hamas-ISIS terrorists walk the streets surrounded by children, which they use as human shields in order to prevent the IDF from attacking them!”

An Italian journalist and a British doctor who worked at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City have both independently confirmed that the hospital has been used for “non-medical” purposes. Israel Defense Forces reported that Shifa Hospital houses a major Hamas control and command base. The Italian journalist stated that, in 2009, upon arriving at Al-Shifa Hospital to interview wounded members of the Fatah party, he came almost face-to-face with the Hamas command and control center beneath the hospital. He said, “Shifa is a very large compound. I got lost inside it, and at some point, I ended up on an underground floor, and I found myself in front of two armed Hamas men in military attire, who told me to get out. I got the impression they were guarding a security door that gave access to their underground infrastructure. Several Palestinian sources I spoke with later on confirmed that Hamas’s command and control center was located under Shifa Hospital and that [Hamas leader] Ismail Haniyeh had been hiding there throughout the duration of Operation Cast Lead.” Similarly, the British doctor who worked at Shifa three years ago said he had been warned against going to a certain part of the hospital. “When I was first asked to work there [at Shifa], I was told there was a part of the hospital I was not to go near, and if I did, I’d be in danger of being shot,” the doctor said.

A British doctor who used to work at Shifa Hospital told France 24 that there were areas of the hospital where he could not go or else he would be shot. He said, "I stayed away, but I saw a few dodgy-looking non-medical characters going in and out all the time. It was a ward leading to a basement. People were genuinely fearful. I cannot emphasize too much the air of collective paranoia that existed there." He said if hospital staff were 10% frightened of possible Israeli airstrikes, they were 90% frightened of being persecuted by Hamas.

Senior Hamas officials set up residence in Gaza City's upscale Al Rimal neighborhood, using their luxurious lodgings as command centers and digging tunnels underneath. IDF forces uncovered 35 tunnel shafts in the neighborhood leading to the Hamas underground network of tunnels and command centers, and found large quantities of weapons, the military said Sunday. When tunnel shafts are uncovered, they are marked and specially trained dogs are sent in to probe for explosives before special forces enter.

Last Friday (Nov 17), the IDF confirmed that its troops in Gaza found the body of hostage Yehudit Weiss, a 65-year-old woman who was among those abducted by Hamas. Weiss, “who worked with kindergarten kids,” was “abducted by Hamas from her home in Kibbutz Be’eri” on October 7. Her husband, Shmulik Weiss, was murdered in their home. Yehudit and Shmulik were parents to 5 children.” The military added that “IDF soldiers recovered her body from a building adjacent to the [Al-]Shifa Hospital. AK-47s, [rifles and Rocket Propelled Grenades] RPGs, and other military equipment were also found where Yehudit’s body was located.

Last Saturday (Nov 18), families of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza plunged into mourning, the Jewish sabbath, after Israel said its troops had found the body of a second woman held hostage by Hamas. The woman was identified as Noa Marciano, a 19-year-old soldier who was one of about 240 people kidnapped by Hamas gunmen on October 7. Marciano’s human remains were found during a search close to al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest medical facility.

No Men, No Arabs: Six Israeli Hospitals Preparing to Receive the Hostages

Six Israeli medical centers: Soroka, Schneider, Sheba, Wolfson, Assaf Harofeh, and Ichilov have been instructed to prepare to set up special compounds, separate from the rest of the patients, where the released hostages will be evacuated after their arrival. The Health Ministry ordered the six hospitals that will receive women and children from Gaza to establish teams that include a pediatrician, a gynecologist, and a forensic medicine specialist. Mental health professionals will also be available to the arriving hostages, who, according to a government announcement, will include children, mothers, and elderly women. The health ministry also decided that, to the best of each hospital’s ability, male doctors, nurses, and Arab staff members should not be included in the treatment teams.

The six hospitals were picked for their unique specialties. Sheba, in Ramat Gan, and Soroka, in Beer Sheva, operate large trauma centers that will cater to hostages with serious injuries. Schneider, a children’s hospital in Tel Aviv, is better equipped to treat children’s physical and mental issues. Wolfson, in Holon, operates a ward for the treatment of acute victims of sexual assault and is located near the Institute for Forensic Medicine.

All six hospitals have been assigned the task of documenting and collecting evidence of war crimes – with the patients’ consent. The chosen hospitals have sectioned off areas for the hostages and their families, with a special emphasis on rooms for mothers and their children. Access to the hostages’ section will be restricted and strictly monitored, with security officers on guard against curious reporters.

Evidence mounting as IDF exposes more Hamas tunnels under Shifa Hospital in new videos

On Wednesday (Nov 22), the IDF released new video (above link) evidence of the terror tunnels under the Shifa Hospital complex, including dozens of meters of a tunnel system that passes under the Qatari made building in the hospital complex.

  • Behind the breached blast door, soldiers discovered an air-conditioned hideout room and a bathroom. The soldiers also located two additional tunnel shafts near the hospital: one on a nearby street and the other in a nearby house.

  • One of the tunnel exits had been recently blocked

  • The rooms in the tunnel system had also recently been evacuated.

  • The water and electricity in the tunnel system was coming from the hospital. One room had an air conditioning unit with an exhaust vent located within the hospital complex. This means Hamas was using the hospital infrastructure in order to provide the terror mechanism to stay alive and survive, thereby providing additional proof of Hamas' war crimes according to international law.

  • IDF engineers removed large quantities of sand that Hamas had recently placed there to block IDF troops from accessing the rest of the tunnel system.

  • One of the entrances to the tunnel was located inside a home on the street next to Shifa Hospital, hidden under the floor.

  • Another entrance, which was also recently blocked by Hamas, was accessible from the street. Both tunnels led to the rooms under the hospital.

  • The IDF also showed the collection of a large quantity of weapons captured in various locations in the hospital compound, demonstrating its use as a military facility, as well as a hospital facility.

  • While searching the complex and nearby buildings, the IDF discovered items belonging to a kidnapped person, as well as weapons, apparently from an alert squad member.

Note: On Tuesday (Nov 21), the IDF released a website where it has been collecting information about Hamas’ use of hospitals in Gaza for terror or combat purposes. The information on the website is proof of Hamas committing war crimes and removes the hospital’s protections under international laws of war.

Rape by Hamas Was Systematic, 364 Murdered During Re’im Music Festival Massacre

The Israeli police and Israel’s newly formed Civil Commission on October 7th Crimes by Hamas Against Women believe sexual violence during the terror attack was widespread, systematic and even endorsed by the Islamic fundamentalist group’s religious and spiritual leaders as permissible during war. First responders from both the Israeli military and the country’s civilian services have described in detail the disturbing brutality and atrocities carried out by an estimated 3,000 Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists.

  • A commander with the Israeli army’s National Rescue Unit told journalists in the initial days after the attack that he had found multiple bodies of dead women who had been stripped naked. In one case, on Kibbutz Be’eri, Col. (Res) Golan Vach, said he found two women tied together on the same bed with no clothes on.

  • In another case, a soldier from the army’s special forces unit who was sent to search for survivors on a kibbutz told one media outlet he found the dead bodies of two young girls together in one room. “There was a teenage girl, 14 or 15. She was lying on the floor, on her stomach, her pants were pulled down, and she was half naked. Her legs were spread out, wide open, and there was the remains of sperm on her back. It was the first time I realized that we are not acting against terrorists here, we are acting against savages.”

  • In the morgue, too, those working to identify the dead and prepare their bodies for burial spoke about brutalities consistent with rape and sexual assault. “We saw evidence of rape. Pelvises were broken … And this was also among grandmothers down to small children. These are things we saw with our own eyes,” Shari, who works with a team of female volunteers tasked with cleaning the bodies of murdered women, told American media.

Meanwhile, an ongoing police investigation into the Hamas massacre of the Re’im music festival on October 7 has updated the death count to 364. Forty attendees of the festival were captured and taken to Gaza, the investigation finds. Earlier counts had placed the death count in Re’im at 270.

Authorities say they’ve identified body of Shani Gabay, 25, who had been presumed hostage

On Wednesday (Nov 22), nearly seven weeks after the massacre at the Supernova rave near Gaza on October 7, authorities say they have identified the body of Shani Gabay, a 25-year-old who had been missing since Hamas’s attack on Israel, and who had thus far been presumed a hostage. Her body was retrieved from Gaza’s Shifa Hospital. Gabay, of Yokne’am, had been working at the party, and was last seen taking shelter at a police command post, after being shot in the leg.

The recent law school graduate had called her mother at 6:40 am, telling her about the stream of rockets and asking what she should do, according to her older brother, Aviel Gabay. She was in her car at the time, and her mother told her to pull over and find a secure place. She found a field shelter near Kibbutz Alumim and went there, not yet knowing at the time there were terrorists gunning down partygoers, in addition to the rockets.

Terrorists threw grenades into the shelter, according to Gabay’s two friends who stayed in the shelter and survived, each one losing a leg. Gabay was pulled out of the shelter and appeared to have returned to her car, where she was shot. She made her way to a paramedic who took her to the police command post. Terrorists later attacked that post, and she was not heard from since.

Lord, none of this has taken You by surprise (Isa. 42:9), so we pray for You to use it for Your glory and bring much good out of it (Rom. 8:28), although that seems very unlikely from a natural perspective (Jer. 32:17, 27). Protect Israel from any snares that have been set by Hamas in this hostage exchange that was promoted through the intense pressure from the nations, especially America, and the emotional appeals from the hostage families (Psa. 124:1-8).Do not let this pause or the "humanitarian pauses" birth/develop into a full ceasefire before Hamas is obliterated (Deut. 25:17-19), and all of the hostages, or their remains, are recovered (Num. 23:23; Psa. 33:10-11). Lord, rebuke every nation and NGO which is trying to manipulate Israel today (Psa. 33:10; 68:1). Lord, we again ask You to surprise both Israel and Hamas as You intervene supernaturally to rescue every single one of the hostages – both Israelis and others (Psa. 144:7 Acts 12:5-11). Empower Israel to gain a complete victory over Hamas (2 Sam. 22:40-43; Psa. 89:23). Lord, send forth Your angelic hosts to support the IDF in the war (2 Chr. 32:7-8; Psa. 34:7; 91:11). Use this pause to refresh the IDF personnel and to confuse Hamas and Hezbollah (Psa. 44:4-8; 115:1-3). Guard the soldiers as they fight in Gaza's very precarious urban warfare scenario (Psa. 18:42; 32:8). Lord, destroy the demonic spirits that control Hamas and Hezbollah. Use this war to strike a severe blow against the spirit of Islam which rules in the hearts of most Palestinians (Psa. 68:20-21; Isa. 30:30-33). We thank You for the first use of the Iron Beam, Israel's anti-missile laser weapon, which shot down a rocket from Gaza, and ask that it would quickly be put into full-time service (Job 38:35; Prov. 8:12). Lord of hosts, oversee an increase in Israel's military industries output of armaments and weapons so that Israel will not need to depend on other nations for their resupply (Psa. 146:3-5; Isa. 31:1). Guide the IDF as it destroys Hamas' extensive underground tunnel system along with any terrorists and traps which are hidden from sight (Job 26:6; 34:21-22; Psa. 95:3-4; Isa. 28:17; 45:2-3). Let Hamas fall into their own traps – in particular, the ones they will be setting for the IDF during these pauses in the fighting (Est. 7:10; Psa. 9:15; Eccl. 10:8). Focus a spotlight on every Hamas leader, both in and outside of Israel, and bring them to justice (Psa. 68:20-21; Hab. 3:13). Protect all innocent Gazans but uncover any terrorists hiding among them (Jer. 49:10; Obad. 1:6). Download wisdom to Israel's intelligence services to interpret all the data obtained; unearth every Palestinian terrorist plot (Job 12:22; 32:8; Prov. 2:6; Jam. 1:5). Lord, show Israel's leaders – and us – what Your will is for Gaza after the war (Obad. 1:15-20). Prevent Israel from turning Gaza over to the Palestinian Authority, who are as wicked and evil as Hamas and should also be demolished as soon as possible (Isa. 8:9-10; Lam. 3:37). Let Israel possess all the land that is its inheritance (Josh. 15:1, 47; Judg. 1:18; Zeph. 2:6-7).

“Fear not for I am with you; be not dismayed; for I am your God. I will strengthen and help you… Behold, all that are enraged against you shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; they that strive with you shall perish…They that war against you shall be as nothing … For I YHWH your God will hold your right hand, saying, '…Fear not, you worm Jacob, and men of Israel; I will help you', says YHWH, your Redeemer, the Holy of Israel. Behold, I will make you a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth. You shall thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and make the hills as chaff. You shall fan them, and the wind shall carry them away, the whirlwind shall scatter them, and you shall rejoice in YHWH, and glory in the Holy of Israel.” (Isa. 41:10-16).” (Isaiah 41:10-16)


Last Saturday (Nov 18) night, PM Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz presented a united front in a lengthy briefing with Israeli media, with all three reiterating that eradicating Hamas and rescuing the hostages are the government’s sole priorities until both goals are accomplished. Netanyahu made clear that although Israel and the United States stand together and agree on many issues, there is absolute disagreement on two important points: the question of Israel’s continued presence in Gaza following the war, and the matter of who will administer the enclave. In response to repeated questions from journalists about the day after, the prime minister was clear: Israel Defense Forces will continue to maintain the security in Gaza once the war is over, and the Palestinian Authority cannot be trusted to administer the enclave.

The Hamas massacre on October 7, and the subsequent war, have resulted in the death and injury of thousands of Israeli citizens, including not only Jews but many Druze and Bedouin citizens and soldiers, as well. In recognition of their sacrifices during the Swords of Iron war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, the Israeli governing coalition on Saturday (Nov 18) announced plans to legislate a basic law giving the Druze minority a special status in the state. Coalition chairman Ofir Katz of the Likud party said, “In the coming days we will advance the proposal for a basic law of the Druze community, which aims to anchor the important position of the Druze community in the State of Israel.” In addition, PM Netanyahu on Saturday promised to change existing policies to answer longstanding demands of the Druze community, without pledging to change the controversial Basic Law: Nation-State of the Jewish People from 2018. The law angered many Druze and Arab Israeli citizens by categorically defining the Israeli state as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

On Monday (Nov 20) Amid multiple reports of an imminent deal to release dozens of hostages, PM Netanyahu and the war cabinet met with the hostages’ family members. Representatives of the families had lobbied for days to meet with war cabinet members and hear from them in person about possible deals to exchange some of the nearly 240 captives that Hamas terrorists kidnapped into Gaza on October 7. The meeting began badly, as some family members who arrived to the meeting had to wait outside in the cold because the auditorium didn’t have enough seats. Some also left the meeting disappointed, saying that Netanyahu didn’t clearly mark freeing the hostages as the war’s primary goal.

On Tuesday (Nov 21), PM Netanyahu announced that he would convene the War Cabinet at 6 pm, the Political-Security Cabinet at 7 pm, and the Government [Knesset] at 8 pm. According to protocol, the approval of the hostage deal must be passed by all three forums. Early Wednesday (Nov 22) morning, at the end of a six-hour debate, PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s government approved a deal with Hamas to release at least 50 hostages from captivity in Gaza over four days, during which there will be a lull in the fighting. According to the approved outline, 30 children, eight mothers, and 12 elderly women will be released. To make sure that Hamas does not drag out the deal, the government limited its entire duration to only 10 days. Assuming that Hamas brings more hostages, it will be rewarded with an additional day of respite for every 10 Israelis it releases, within a ten-day window. At the end of the ten days, the deal is void and a new government decision would be required for a new deal. This clause convinced the Religious Zionism ministers to change their minds and support the deal. However, the three Otzma Yehudit ministers held on to their original objection to the deal.

Lord, raise up righteous leaders in Israel's current and its future governments (Psa. 118:8-9; Zech. 9:13). Please do this in every influential position throughout Israeli society (Prov. 29:2; Isa. 1:25-27). Let Israel's political and spiritual leaders often call the nation to prayer (2 Chr. 7:14; Lam. 3:40-41). Continue to use PM Netanyahu for Your purposes; strengthen him to lead with wisdom according to Your Word (Prov. 8:15-16; 21:1). Lord, release Your comfort to all Israelis who have lost loved ones, or who will lose loved ones in the near future, or whose loved ones are being held hostage (Psa. 34:18; 51:17; 147:3). Precious Lord, prepare the hostage families as their loved ones deal with trauma when they are released (Psa. 10:17; 23:5; 61:7). Lord Yeshua, reveal who You are to every survivor of the Hamas massacres and speak healing and peace into their minds and hearts (Psa. 23:4; 61:1-2; Isaiah 30:26; 61:2b-3). Stir up both Jews and others, especially Believers, to help provide for the needs of the 200,000 Israelis that have been evacuated; provide for their every need now and in the future (Psa. 86:14-17; Jer. 29:11). Protect Israel's economy during the war and even cause it to grow (Psa. 35:26-27; 118:25). Use the October 7th attack to convince all of Your people that dividing Your land only results in war, death and ruin, and turn them away from this anti-biblical policy for Israel (Joel 3:1-2). Also let it hasten the complete collapse of the "two-state-solution" idol; fortify Israel to resist the pressure of many world leaders who see this as the final solution (Lev. 25:23; Num. 23:23-24). Raise up more people to speak truth and confront the lies of the mainstream media (Prov. 24:24). Continue using Israeli UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan to repudiate the lies spewed out in the United Nations (Gal. 4:16). Lord, give Israel wisdom and strength as it responds to the nations who have turned into enemies because of this war – like Turkey, Jordan, South Africa, and others (Job 19:14; Psa. 49:9).

“I will turn My hand upon you and purely purge away your dross…And I will restore your judges as at the first, and your counsellors as at the beginning; after this you shall be called, ‘The city of righteousness, the faithful city’.” (Isaiah 1:25-26)


Jewish Agency chairman Maj. Gen. (res.) Doron Almog claimed that the agency expects one million olim (new immigrants) in Israel during the next few years. Speaking to media, Almog said on Tuesday (Nov 21), "Over the next few years, we anticipate a million new immigrants due to the increasing antisemitism in Jewish communities around the world. We will persist in constructing communities around Gaza and also in the northern regions. Our mission is to bring them all back home. The Jewish community, still reeling from the trauma, will forge ahead in building the State of Israel with unparalleled vigor and creativity. We aspire to become a beacon of hope and inspiration for the nations of the world."

Lord, thank You for the revelation from the Jewish Agency that they are expecting one million olim to make Aliyah in the next few years.Let Israel take this information seriously and start preparing today for tomorrow's huge influx (Deut. 30:3-5). Open Israel's gates for any Jew who desires to return and destroy all stumbling blocks in Israel from their making Aliyah, whether the blocks are personnel or bureaucratic (Isa. 57:14; 60:8-11; 62:10). Use the very dangerous explosion of Jew-hatred in exile to show Jews that while it is not 100% safe in Israel, it is, and will continue to be, much safer than living outside (Jer. 31:10; 32:37; Zech. 9:16). Show all Jews in the diaspora that You are wooing and driving them out of their captivity and bringing them home (Jer. 16:16; 31:3). Also let them see that their comfortable life in exile will never go back to what it was following October 7 (Psa. 25:19). Release them to come home now while many can still bring their finances with them (Isa. 60:9). Show more of Your Body that this is the time to carry more of Your people home (Isa. 49:22). Open Believers' mouths to speak up and to encourage and help Jewish friends and acquaintances to return home to Israel (Psa. 126:1-3; Isa. 60:3-11; Rom. 15:25-27).

“When YHWH shall build up Zion, He shall appear in His glory. (Psa. 102:16)


Lord, warn Palestinians, especially believers among them, of what is said about Jacob in the Torah portion: Cursed be he who curses you, and blessed be he who blesses you. (Gen. 27:29b). As part of the above, send confusion and dread into the hearts and minds of all Palestinian terrorists who hate the descendants of Jacob (Deut. 11:25; Psa. 71:24; 129:5). Enable Israel's war against Arab terrorists in Judea and Samaria to be miraculously successful, and aid them to capture or kill Hamas members and all other terrorists there (Zech. 9:14-15; 12:6). Help Israel to thwart all the demonic plans against Your nation and people (Job 24:16; 38:15). Lord, promote in Israel's military the Sons of Zion who trust in You (Psa. 118:6; Hos. 3:5), and demote all the Sons of Greece who fear man more than You (Prov. 29:25; Zech. 9:13). Train Israel's civilian security forces to be able to protect the communities to which they will be assigned – whether in Judea and Samaria or elsewhere in the nation (Psa. 18:34; 144:1). Shield Israel from cyberattacks and all dis- and misinformation campaigns (Psa. 101:7). Thank You for keeping Israel's Arab citizens mostly peaceful during the war.

“The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms, and He shall thrust out the enemy from before you, saying 'Destroy them'! Israel then shall dwell in safety alone; the fountain of Jacob shall be upon a land of grain and wine, and His heavens shall drip down dew. Happy are you Israel; who is like you O people saved by YHWH, who is the shield of your help, and the sword of your majesty! And your enemies shall be found liars unto you and you shall tread upon their high places.” (Deut. 33:27-29)


The Amona settlement was evacuated by police in 2006 with astonishing brutality, and was evacuated several more times, until in 2017, no one was left there. And then a new group of ‘settlers’ returned. One of them is N, who enlisted a year and a half ago in the Kafir Brigade, and was in officer school when he was called to join the fighting in Gaza. On Wednesday (Nov 22), while N was operating in the Gaza Strip and cut off from communication, large forces of the police and civil administration raided the home he shared with several friends and destroyed it completely. At the same time, the family of a neighbour, Captain Lior Snir H’yd, an officer in the Golani Brigade, were informed of his death in battle in Gaza.

  • When the police and civil administration raided the settlement early Wednesday, they violently confiscated all the cell phones from the residents to prevent them from recording the event.

  • The Head of Binyamin Regional Council Israel Ganz tweeted on Wednesday: “How does it even cross their minds to send an evacuation force to the settlement when at the same time the family and the community were informed of the death of a resident of the settlement, an officer in Sayeret Golani?”

  • Ganz added, “Furthermore, for a month and a half, we have been appealing and begging for enforcement against the breaking of roads and illegal construction that the Arabs in the area are carrying out, and we are told that the security forces are busy because of the war.”

  • Boaz Spitz, whose family’s house was destroyed Wednesday morning, reacted: “I stand here in front of the ruins and I simply cannot find words to describe the intensity of the madness and evil of whoever sent these forces. We took 1400 murders in a horrifying massacre, and it seems that the Commander of the Central Command and the political echelon simply don’t care.”

  • In addition to the homes, the raiding forces destroyed an observation deck that was built by one of the residents in memory of Amichai Weitzen who was killed in battle in the Gaza Strip.

  • Just recently, the IDF demolished the home of a terrorist who murdered four Jews – but the force labored hard to make sure that only the portion of the house where the murderous scum lived was destroyed, and the other parts remained intact. But when it comes to demolishing the home of an IDF reservist the whole thing must come down.

Arabs in eastern Jerusalem are preparing huge celebrations to welcome home terrorists expected to be released from Israeli prisons in the coming days. On Wednesday (Nov 22) morning, the Israeli government posted the names of dozens of Arabs women and youths (many of them age 18) slated for released. Although Israel will not free convicted murderers, numerous Arab terrorists on the list were convicted of attempted murder, assaulting police officers, throwing explosives, arson, membership in terror organizations, and other offenses. Some of the female terrorists said they plan to try again. In short, these particular terrorists are being rewarded simply because they happened to have been failures. Israeli citizens opposing the release of individual prisoners have 24 hours to file legal petition with the Supreme Court. That will not happen. (Note: PM Netanyahu stressed that Israel’s military efforts to topple Hamas would continue as soon as the ceasefire ends. The Iran-backed terror group has ruled Gaza since it violently overthrew the Palestinian Authority in 2007.)

Lord, sustain Israel's war against Arab terrorists in Judea-Samaria until all Hamas members are either captured or killed, along with any other terrorists residing there (Num. 10:9; Zech. 12:6). Lord, save multitudes of Palestinians in Israel's biblical heartland (John 4:25-30, 39-42). Hasten the establishment in Israel of a Civilian Guard and train them to have all the skills needed to protect any Israeli community for which they will have the responsibility (Psa. 18:34; 144:1). Lord, shield Israel from all cyberattacks while also making them proficient in attacking the enemy in this modern warfare arena (Deut. 33:29; Psa. 5:12). Protect all of Israel's intel agents inside and out of Your land (Gen. 12:3a; Psa. 121:4). Continue to show Israel's Arab citizens' the blessings that flow from supporting Israel (Tit. 3:1).

Use the war to push Israel to extend sovereignty over more of Your land (Judg. 6:9; Isa. 54:2-3).

“Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘Behold, I will save My people from the land of the east and from the land of the west; I will bring them back and they shall dwell in the midst of Jerusalem. They shall be My people and I will be their God in truth and righteousness.’” (Zechariah 8:7)


On Tuesday (Nov 21), the White House stated that the Palestinians from northern Gaza who fled to the south upon directive from the IDF “must be allowed to return to homes in the north as soon as possible.” However, PM Netanyahu blocked the inclusion of a clause in the hostage deal that would have allowed for Palestinians who evacuated to the south to return to the north where the IDF still plans to continue operating after the ceasefire of several days expires. It is also not clear what those Palestinians from northern Gaza will be able to return to, as much of the area has been decimated in the ongoing fighting. The White House clarified that the USA wants to see Israel succeed in its campaign, and warns the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon against continued missile fire at Israel if it wanted to avoid an escalation.

On Tuesday (Nov 21), the White House said it won’t support Israel’s plan to expand its operations into the south of the Gaza Strip unless it shows it will protect the Gazan civilians there – as if Israel hasn’t taken extreme measures, far beyond what every other country in the world, including the United States takes, to protect enemy citizens. In a Tuesday press call, USA National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby said the United States won’t support Israel “moving forward with operations in the south absent a clearly articulated plan for how they’re going to protect the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people” there.The NSC spokesman noted that the population in the south of the terror-run enclave has swelled as Israel ordered the northern population to flee southwards. It’s “even more incumbent” on Israel to “protect those civilians who moved at their urging,” said Kirby. Israel ordered approximately 1 million Gazans living in Gaza City to move south on October 13. This evacuation was for the safety of the Palestinians in the north as the IDF ramped up its efforts to eradicate Hamas terrorists in the northern part of the Strip. The evacuation was slowed by Hamas targeting civilians to keep them in harm’s way, calculating that Israel would be held responsible for civilian deaths. On November 13, a month after calling for the civilian evacuation, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Hamas had lost control of the Gaza Strip. The Biden Administration is trying to use this war against Israel as an opportunity to create a “Palestinian” state.

Lord, may the coalition government be very discerning in dealing with President Biden and his administration. (Psa. 146:3-5; Isa. 31:1). Impart wisdom to Israel to know how to deal with the American obsession to appease Iran. Thank You for President Biden’s strong support for Israel concerning the Gaza War. Do not allow Israel to compromise its right to Your/their land to the benefit of the Palestinians, just to be able to normalize relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia (Num. 23:23). If Israel must choose between normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia or extending its sovereignty over more of Your/their land – help them to decide for Your/their land (Lev. 25:23; Jer. 6:14; 8:11). Lord, awaken the American Church to see very clearly that the destiny of their nation rests on how their leaders deal with Your Chosen Nation and Your land (Lev. 25:23; Num. 24:9b; Joel 3:1-2). Warn President Biden and American leaders concerning the danger of restricting Israel and giving more financial aid to the wicked and corrupt Palestinian Authority, as well a UNRWA (Psa. 105:13-15). Cause PM Netanyahu to stand strong against any ungodly pressure of President Biden and his administration! Lord, hedge in America's new Israeli Ambassador, Jack Lew, who is an Orthodox Jew with a very dangerous track record against Israel, being close to ex-President Obama (Job 13:5; Prov. 13:13).

“He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honour him.” (Psalm 91:15)


On Wednesday (Nov 22), comments by Hamas leader Khaled Mashal, calling on Moroccan citizens to pressure King Mohammed VI to end the country’s relations with Israel, have caused an uproar in the country. Mashal’s comments came as he took part in a virtual “political festival” in Rabat, an online event organized by a group affiliated with the Moroccan Islamist Justice and Development (PJD) party. The Hamas leader called on the Moroccan people to “correct their mistakes” and to demand the expulsion of Israel’s ambassador and to cut all ties with the country. While some Moroccans supported these remarks, Mashal’s call to pressure the Moroccan premier was widely seen as incitement of civil strife and an affront against the king. Moroccan politician Naufal Boamri called Mashal’s comments “Inflammatory and poisonous statements, which constitute a complete disregard for the fact that Morocco has its own diplomatic decisions.” Many Moroccans also expressed their anger online, giving rise to the hashtag “only the King can address Moroccans” which dominated X (formerly Twitter) in Morocco. (Note: Morocco and Israel established full diplomatic relations in 2020 as part of the historic Abraham Accords mediated by President Trump.)

Last Friday (Nov 17), the crown prince of Gulf Arab state Bahrain, called for a “hostage trade” between Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and Israel to achieve a break in hostilities that he said could lead to an end to the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip. Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa also said that security would not be realized without a two-state solution, which he described the United States as “indispensable” in achieving. Prince Salman described the situation in Gaza as “intolerable” and condemned both Hamas for its October 7 attack and Israel for the “air campaign” it launched in response. He outlined what he said were red lines in the conflict, including the forced displacement of Palestinians, “now or ever”, an Israeli reoccupation of Gaza, and a military threat from Gaza towards Israel.

Lord, if the Israel-Saudi Arabia normalization deal is of You, please oversee all the details, including the timing of when it should be done (Prov. 16:1, 9: Jer. 10:23). If it is true that America is the one insisting that Israel gives up land and eastern Jerusalem in a peace deal, then block all USA involvement whatsoever (Psa. 33:10-11). Use the current internal political chaos in America to answer the above prayer (Job 5:12; Isa. 46:10). Show both Israel and Saudi-Arabia how unreliable an ally America has become at this time (Isa. 36:6). Thank You, Lord, for the increasing warmth of the relations of the Arab nations who are seeking normalization with Israel. Send dreams and visions of Yeshua to all those Arabs who truly desire a genuine relationship with Israel…and save multitudes in these nations (Eph. 2:11-14). Use these warm relations to provoke to jealousy many Jordanians and Egyptians – most of whom are very cold and filled with hatred toward Israel (Ruth 1:16-17; Isa. 55:5; 60:3; Zech. 8:23). Make Israel wise in all its security commitments with any Arab nation (Josh. 9:3-15). Lord, give Israel much wisdom and discernment in its future dealings with the Arab and African nations of the world…especially with Saudi Arabia.

“For your Maker is your husband; YHWH of hosts is His name; and your Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; He shall be called the God of the whole earth.” (Isaiah 54:5)



On Wednesday (Nov 22), in reaction to increasing attacks on USA bases, USA fighter aircraft targeted two operations centers affiliated with Iraq’s Kataib Hezbollah militia group. The Iranian-backed militia reported the death of five of its members in Jurf al-Sakhar, located south of Baghdad. The USA airstrike followed that of another attack carried out by an airborne AC-130 gunship, which had taken place a day earlier. This retaliatory strike was prompted after the Iranian-backed militia group launched two short-range ballistic missiles at Al-Asad Air Base in Iraq on Monday evening. The AC-130 gunship, already in the air at the time, successfully identified the source of the missile attack and eliminated several of the Iranian-backed militiamen who had fled in a vehicle. The airstrike conducted by the USA aimed at and successfully destroyed an operations center of Kataib Hezbollah and a command and control node near Al Anbar and Jurf Al-Sakhar. Kataib Hezbollah is an Iranian-backed militia group and a member of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces, a coalition of predominantly Shiite Muslim armed groups established in 2014 to combat the Islamic State. It was later officially recognized as a security agency by the Iraqi government. (Note: As of now, there have been 66 strikes on USA bases in Iraq and Syria since October 17.)

On Wednesday (Nov 22), fighter jets from the Israeli Air Force targeted two sites in the Damascus area, which reportedly targeted Lebanon’s Hezbollah Terrorist Organization. The Israeli airstrikes targetted Hezbollah, killing two Syrian nationals who worked with Hezbollah. Israel fired two missiles from the Golan to points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus. Meanwhile, flights to and from Damascus and Aleppo airports have been halted since the runways were damaged in alleged Israeli strikes on October 22. This has resulted in the longest closure of Syria’s two main airports.


Apparently, Hezbollah says that the Lebanese terror group will participate in the four-day ceasefire slated to begin Friday, even though it was not part of the negotiations between Israel and Hamas. Hezbollah will stop firing at Israel from southern Lebanon if Israel adheres to the ceasefire. However, any violation of the ceasefire will be met with a fierce response, Hezbollah adds. Hezbollah separately confirms the death of its 79th fighter killed since the war’s outbreak.

Last Saturday (Nov 18) morning, following a period of relative calm, sirens wailed across Israeli northern border towns, including Kiryat Shmona, in response to a barrage of at least 25 rockets launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon. The IDF reported that a morning barrage, comprising approximately 25 rockets, triggered sirens including the towns of Sassa and Shtula. All the projectiles landed in uninhabited areas. In response to the repeated cross-border attacks, the IDF said it shelled the sources of the rocket fire with artillery and carried out air strikes against numerous Hezbollah sites. The Israeli airstrike struck a building in an industrial area near the town of Nabatiya, represented one of the most significant Israeli strikes within Lebanese territory since the resumption of hostilities last month. The alleged air strike near the village of Toul, which is located a considerable distance from the border, would mark the first such incident in the area since the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

On Monday (Nov 20), White House Senior Advisor Amos Hochstein arrived in Israel to continue pressuring Israel into abstaining from launching an all-out war against Hezbollah terror forces in Lebanon following weeks of Israel's northern border communities being shelled by the Iranian proxy terrorist organization. Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has pushed for broader military action against Hezbollah; however, PM Netanyahu has so far acquiesced to Washington’s pressure, hoping that a decisive victory over the Hamas terror organization in Gaza will cause Hezbollah to retreat from further attacks against Israel. Tens of thousands of Israeli citizens from 42 communities in northern Israel have been evacuated from their homes to other parts of Israel for fear of an escalation that could lead to an all-out war with the Lebanese-based Hezbollah terror organization. Many evacuees are now saying that they will not feel safe to return to their homes on the northern border, unless the IDF ensures that Hezbollah cannot launch the kind of attack that Hamas did on October 7.

On Monday (Nov 20), the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah seriously damaged an IDF position with heavy rockets as the skirmishes at Israel's northern border continue at levels just below the threshold of a full-blown war. Hezbollah fired two heavyweight “Burkan” rockets, each carrying warheads of hundreds of kilograms, and hit an IDF base in Biranit, causing a fire and substantial damage, but no injuries. Burkan rockets were first used by Hezbollah during the heavy urban warfare against rebels in Syria over the last few years. They are capable of inflicting heavy damage but are only effective over short distances. Since October 8, Hezbollah has now fired over 1,000 projectiles at Israel, including rockets, mortar grenades, anti-tank missiles, and suicide drones.

On Monday, other attacks against Israel included a 25-rocket barrage at Kiryat Shmona and Metula, which caused no damage or injuries, and three suicide drones armed with explosives, one of which hit another IDF base, also causing some damage but no injuries. Throughout the day, terrorists also carried out dozens of additional drone and anti-tank missile attacks. Israel reacted very aggressively to these attacks. In addition, Israeli fighter jets, drones and helicopter gunships destroyed several targets in southern Lebanon, including operational headquarters and terrorist infrastructures.

On Wednesday (Nov 22), rocket fire aimed at Israel continued from across Israel’s northern and southern border from the early morning hours and throughout the day. Israeli military forces returned fire to the source of the launches in Lebanon and in Gaza. In northern Israel, an IDF tank struck a military post belonging to Iran’s Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, and Israeli fighter jets carried out air strikes on additional Hezbollah targets including terrorist infrastructure and a military base.

On Wednesday (Nov 22), during another busy day of fighting between Israel and the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah, the IDF retaliated with attacks throughout southern Lebanon after multiple drone infiltrations and other attacks against Israel. Until the early afternoon, Hezbollah had claimed responsibility for at least 12 of the attacks, which the terror organization said were carried out as revenge according to the principle “an eye for an eye.” Three of the attacks came explicitly in response to alleged Israeli attacks on journalists and civilians earlier in Lebanon. Lebanese media outlets reported that eight civilians were killed in Israeli strikes, among them two journalists and an elderly woman. The journalists were employed a news channel believed to have close ties with Hezbollah and whose operations Israeli politicians are planning to ban soon.

  • Hezbollah later claimed to have attacked a factory of Israel's Rafael defense company, in retaliation for an Israeli strike against an aluminum factory in Nabatieh a few days ago.

  • Around noon, Lebanese media reported a vehicle as being the target of an Israeli airstrike in the area of Sidon. The target was the passenger Khalil Kharaz, who was the deputy head of Hamas' military wing in Lebanon. He was reportedly eliminated together with two other people.

  • Hezbollah carried out multiple infiltration attempts with armed drones along the border with Israel, and launched several rockets, mortar grenades and anti-tank missiles at northern cities, including Metula, Kiryat Shmona, Shlomi and Nahariya. The IDF made no reports of damage or injuries as a result of those attacks.

  • Smoke trails were seen as rockets launched from Lebanon into northern Israel are intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome, near Kiryat Shmona..

  • Israeli forces also struck several terrorist targets in Lebanon, including anti-tank squads, military infrastructure and command posts, with aircraft and artillery.

  • Hezbollah’s deputy leader, Naim Kassem, announced that as long as “Israeli aggression” continued in Gaza, his forces wouldn’t rule out the possibility of further deterioration.

  • Hezbollah also announced on Tuesday that 78 of its fighters were killed in the skirmishes with Israel so far. According to estimates in Israeli media, the real number may approach 100 by now.

Beginning Thursday (Nov 23) morning, Hezbollah’s almost non-stop attacks against Israel culminated in a 48-rocket barrage, one of the biggest attacks so far since the outbreak of the skirmishes between Israel and the Lebanese terror organization on October 8. Hezbollah claimed to have fired 48 Katyusha rockets at an IDF army base in Ein Zeitim, a few kilometers northwest of the city of Safed. The IDF later confirmed that 35 rockets crossed into Israeli territory, while unconfirmed footage on Lebanese social media showed several rocket impacts in Lebanese towns near the border. The distance between the border and Ein Zeitim is 10 km (about 6 miles), the same distance as Hezbollah's Radwan Force Command Center that was hit by an IDF strike last night, implying that this was seen as a direct revenge for the attack that killed five terrorists. Among the dead was Abbas Raad, the son of the head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc. (Note: The Radwan Force is Hezbollah’s elite unit that has been training to invade and conquer the Galilee region of Israel in the event of an outbreak of war between Hezbollah terror forces and Israel.)

  • The massive barrage was one of the largest attacks on the northern border so far, which activated siren alerts from the border communities of Iron, Dovev and Baram all the way to Birya, near Safed. Some rockets fell in open areas causing several wildfires.

  • Immediately after, two anti-tank missiles were fired at Kibbutz Manara, hitting two homes there. Hezbollah again took responsibility and claimed to have struck an IDF staging ground near the kibbutz.

  • Since the morning, there have been attacks almost every hour against targets all along Israel’s northern border, from Betzet and Shlomi in the Western Galilee near the Mediterranean coast to the Muslim-Bedouin village Arab al-Aramshe in the center to Margaliot in the Upper Galilee.

  • An additional attempted attack by an anti-tank missile squad near Zar’it was thwarted by an IDF aircraft in the morning. In response, the IDF shelled the launch areas of the attacks against Israel with artillery.

  • The tensions on Israel's northern border on Thursday morning were a direct continuation of the skirmishes overnight night, with Israel attacking the headquarters of the Radwan Force, and also intercepting a surface-to-air missile fired at an IDF aircraft. The Israeli army responded by destroying the missile launcher and a weapons cache.

  • An Israeli air strike damaged a house in southern Lebanon overnight, killing five Hezbollah operatives. Among the dead was Abbas Mohammed Ra’ed (also known as Sarraj Raed), the son of the chair of Hezbollah’s faction in the Lebanese Parliament — a death that Hezbollah vowed would not go unanswered.

Hezbollah has so far announced that 85 of its soldiers were killed in the fighting, “on the way to Jerusalem,” as per the organization’s statements. Hezbollah’s increased attacks may also be a reaction to Israel widening its strikes against the organization in Syria. (Note: Israel struck a building in southern Damascus on Wednesday (Nov 22). The target turned out to be the command center of Hezbollah and the other Shia militias in Syria.)


Last Sunday (Nov 19), Yemen's Houthi rebels hijacked an Israeli-leased cargo ship with 25 crewmembers on board. The Bahamian-flagged Galaxy Leader was carrying cars from Turkey and was seized in the southern Red Sea en route to India. The crew were of various nationalities, including Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Filipinos and Mexicans; no Israelis were on board. The ship was leased to a Japanese company from a British company partly owned by Israeli Rami Unger. Two ships owned by Unger were previously attacked by Iran in the Gulf of Oman in 2021. PM Netanyahu said the ship "was hijacked under Iranian direction by the Houthi militia in Yemen....This is another act of Iranian terrorism, representing a significant escalation in Iran's aggression against the citizens of the free world, and has international implications for the security of global shipping routes."

On Wednesday (Nov 22), an IDF a fighter jet successfully shot down a cruise missile over the Red Sea, close to the southernmost city of Eilat. The missile is believed to have been fired by the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen. The IDF says the missile did not enter Israeli airspace.

On Thursday (Nov 23), the USS Thomas Hudner shot down "multiple one-way attack drones" launched from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen while it was on patrol in the Red Sea. Yemen's Iran-backed Houthis claim to have fired missiles and drones toward Israel.


On Tuesday (Nov 21), the Israel Police announced that two Israeli Arabs were arrested in Turkey last month after they were caught attempting to join a terrorist organization in neighbouring Syria with the goal of “liberating” Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque from Israeli control. They were deported from Turkey and arrested upon landing in Israel, the police said in a statement. An indictment was filed on Tuesday. The two men were detained before they were able to cross the border into Syria. During their stay in Turkey, the two underwent physical and military training, including instruction in the use of firearms, as they prepared to “liberate” the Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem, which has been under Israeli control since the Jewish state won a defensive war in 1967. The two also “continuously consumed the terrorist content of global jihad,” according to the police statement, with evidence suggesting they had plans to carry out additional terrorist attacks in Israel and other countries.

In repeat of Mavi Marmara protest, 1,000 boats are reportedly set to leave Turkey for Gaza, Ashdod on Thursday

On Wednesday (Nov 22), one thousand boats will reportedly gather in Turkey and head toward Gaza in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade and disrupt maritime trade coming into Israel. The boats will carry 4,500 people from 40 countries, “including anti-Zionist Jews.” Three hundred and thirteen of the boats will be filled with Russian activists, and 104 will be filled with Spanish activists. Only 12 Turkish vessels will join the flotilla.

Volkan Okçu, one of the organizers of the protest, says that the flotilla is scheduled to leave Turkish coasts on Thursday (Nv 23) and vowed it will “strictly follow international rules” and will not carry any weapons, so as not to give Israel any “excuse” to intervene. It is set to make a first stop in Cyprus before continuing toward the Israeli port of Ashdod. Some participants in the flotilla will also reportedly take their spouses and children with them.

The protest action is reminiscent of the one attempted by the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” in May 2010, which tried to breach the maritime blockade on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip but was intercepted by the Israeli Navy.

After the convoy refused Israeli Navy orders to reroute to Ashdod, Israeli commandos boarded one of the ships, the Mavi Marmara, which was carrying over 600 passengers. After being met with violent resistance the commandos opened fire, killing ten Turkish activists. Ten Israeli soldiers were also wounded during the attack.

Lord, use angelic hosts to protect all of Israel's borders, including the Mediterranean Sea (2 Kin. 6:17). Send massive panic into the minds of all of Iran's proxies surrounding Israel (Jer. 4:19; 49:2). Set them at each other's throats, fueling the 1400-year hatred between Sunni and Shi'ite (Psa. 55:9). Lord, deal with Hezbollah; hook their jaw and draw them into Your trap (Mic. 4:11-13). Lord, contain and restrain the powers of evil from pre-empting Your timing (Psa. 31:15). Pour forth panic and fear upon all of Iran's proxies surrounding Israel (Deut. 2:25; Josh. 10:12). Guide Israel on how to respond with power and strength to the increasingly heavy bombardment of missiles from Hezbollah into northern Israel (Psa. 140:7-11; Jer. 51:20-24). Abba, expose any Hezbollah tunnels of which Israel is unaware (Job 12:22). Release massive confusion, fear and paranoia into Hezbollah’s leaders' minds (Job 5:12-14). In Your timing draw Hezbollah into Your trap and let the IDF totally destroy them (Mic. 4:11-13).

“…when the ark set forward, Moses said, 'Rise up YHWH, and let Your enemies be scattered; and let them that hate You flee before You'. And when it rested, he said, 'Return, YHWH, unto the many thousands of Israel'.” (Numbers 10: 35-36)


Evidence from the battlefield in Gaza reveals that Hamas morale has been dealt a significant blow, causing many terrorists to retreat southward, abandoning guns after clashes with IDF soldiers. Reasons for the decline in morale include the IDF's successful elimination of senior officials, a lack of supplies, and difficulties in carrying out attacks.

Father, release panic and fear into all of Iran's proxies surrounding Your nation (2 Chr. 17:10; Jer. 4:19). Set these whom You hate (Psa. 11:5) against each other and reignite the 1400-year-old war between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims (2 Sam. 22:3; Psa. 55:9; 68:30b; Prov. 28:17).

By myself I have sworn, says YHWH, that because you have…not held back your only son, in blessing I will bless you …and your seed shall possess the gate of his enemies. (Gen. 22:16-17; cp. 24:60).


Since the October 7 surprise attack by the Hamas terror organization, its leaders have not stopped calling for Palestinians to emulate the massacre against Jews living in Judea-Samaria, known as the West Bank. Hamas’ student organization, the Islamic Bloc, which runs a branch in Judea-Samaria, has been particularly active on social media, where it is urging Palestinians to storm Israeli targets wherever they can reach them.

  • On November 16, the Islamic Bloc posted a message inciting West Bank Palestinians to storm Israeli locations, referring to them all as “settlements.” They urged, “The settlements are our targets. Let us storm them, [operating] singly or in groups, and let them taste the might of our resistance. #To the settlements.”

  • Apart from incitement, the Islamic Bloc’s Telegram channel provides users with detailed instructions on how to carry out effective terrorist attacks.

  • Two days later the Hamas student organization posted threats with the words: “Ambushes of death await you” and two days after that, “Most of our resistance fighters are lying in wait for you. The [West] Bank is not a playground for the settlers.”

  • The incitement was accompanied by graphics depicting terrorists breaking through the security fence in Judea and Samaria. Analysts warn of a real concern that the same type of surprise attack on southern Israel border communities on October 7 could be repeated in Judea-Samaria, but also extend into central Israel.

  • The massacre was celebrated by the Fatah movement, led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The movement’s terror wing, Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, threatened to commit even more terror acts against Israelis, with Brigades spokesman Abu Muhammad thanking Allah for the massacre and for “humiliating and defeating the Zionists.” His statement signaled that the Brigades were fighting “together with the rest of the resistance factions.”

  • Senior Fatah official Abbas Zaki also thanked the Hamas terror group for the massacre during a TV program just one week later, on October 14, in which he appeared with Osama Hamdan of the Hamas political bureau. During the show, Hamdan said Hamas was ready to repeat the massacre, with Zaki in Judea-Samaria, saying, “Inshallah, in the near future it will indeed happen in the West Bank. After October 7, there has been a Palestinian revival. The time has come for a united front that is capable of defeating the Americans who use the Israelis as a proxy to accomplish their goals. We are certain that the future is ours. if he [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] begins to crush Gaza, the skulls of all the Jews and Americans in the region will be crushed. I am pleased with Osama Hamdan. We are friends. We understand each other. Victory has been promised to us."

A new poll shows a combined total of 75% of Palestinians in Judea-Samaria and the Gaza Strip support Hamas’ devastating October 7 attack on Israeli civilians, although Gaza residents are significantly less supportive of it. The survey was conducted on November 14 by the Arab World for Research and Development organization.

  • When asked, “How much do you support the military operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance led by Hamas on October 7?”: an overwhelming 83.1% of Judea-Samaria Palestinian respondents to the poll said they supported the attack to an extreme or “somewhat” extent. Just 6.9% said they were “extremely” or “somewhat” against the attack, and 8.4% said they had no opinion.

  • Support for the attack was notably less overwhelming among Gaza Palestinians, although a majority of 63.6% of poll respondents said they supported the attack “extremely” or to a “somewhat” extent. By contrast with Judea-Samaria Palestinians, a significantly more substantial 20.9% of Palestinians living in Gaza opposed the attack to some extent.

  • When asked, ‘In your opinion, what was the main reason for the operation launched by the Palestinian resistance on 7th October?’: 31.7% of West Bank-based respondents and 24.9% of Gaza-based respondents said the attack was to “free Palestine.”

  • When asked “Do you support the solution of establishing one state or two states?” the majority (74.7%) of respondents answered that they support a single Palestinian state “from the river to the sea.” Similarly, the support for a single Palestinian state was more commonly held by Palestinians living in Judea-Samaria (77.7%) than Palestinians living in Gaza (70.4%).

Last Sunday (Nov 19), the Palestinian Authority denied that Hamas terrorists carried out the massacre at the Nova music festival near Kibbutz Re'im on October 7. The statement, sent to foreign ministries worldwide and the UN, claimed that "Israeli helicopters" caused the deaths of at least 350 participants at the party. According to the Israel Police, the first Israeli helicopter reached the compound hours after the massacre began.

Arab Gulf nations have indicated that a condition for obtaining their financial aid to rebuild the Gaza Strip after the Hamas-Israel war has ended is a change in the leadership of the Palestinian Authority which currently governs only allotted areas Judea-Samaria. Coordinated by the USA, a coalition of international officials are looking ahead to a post-war Gaza and have turned to the Gulf nations to take a lead role.

  • The Gulf nations’ condition follows widespread speculation that the Palestinian Authority, despite its reputation for extreme corruption, terrorism, and incompetence, could take over Gaza after the war. The President of the PA is Mahmoud Abbas, an octogenarian Holocaust denier who has clung to power since he was elected in 2005 to serve just a four-year term.

  • A second major condition for aid from the Gulf nations is the delivery by Israel of a political plan for dealing with the Palestinian issue going forward. The Gulf states are requesting “a certain type of road map, a political plan regarding the Palestinian issue.”

In any event, Israel’s PM Netanyahu has already asserted that the PA is not fit to run Gaza after the war. President Mahmoud Abbas still refuses to condemn the massacre by Hamas, and his senior ministers celebrate what happened. His authority pays murderers and educates children to murder.

Lord, use the internal fighting that is occurring among the Palestinians society, both in Judea-Samaria and in Gaza, for Your holy Name's sake (Psa. 74:22-23; 129:5; Zech. 14:13). Increase the division and infighting inside, and between, all Palestinian terrorist groups (Psa. 55:9). Yeshua, save many Palestinians and use them to impact their society (Prov. 14:34). Cleanse Palestinian Believers of all Jew-hatred and replacement theology (Psa. 51:2; 119:9; Jam. 4:8). Strengthen the true Church among the Palestinians to be Your light (Matt. 16:18). Give Israel much wisdom in dealing with the financial failure of the Palestinian Authority at this time. Use this situation to bring forth Your plans and Your purposes for the future of Judea-Samaria. Prepare the IDF for the day after Abbas is removed from being the PA's dictator (Prov. 16:1). Release Your angels to make up any gaps in the security shield over Your people (2 Kin. 6:15-17).

"Thus says the LORD: “Against all My evil neighbours who touch the inheritance which I have caused My people Israel to inherit—behold, I will pluck them out of their land and pluck out the house of Judah from among them. Then it shall be, after I have plucked them out, that I will return and have compassion on them and bring them back, everyone to his heritage and everyone to his land." (Jeremiah 12:14-15)


(This weekly commentary documents incidents where God shines his light into the darkness and exposes pending attacks, injustices and terror incidents. It also documents situations where the goodness of God breaks through into evil circumstances)

Yeshua’s birthplace has announced that the usual decorations for the city will be taken down and the usual celebrations won’t go ahead “in honour of the martyrs and in solidarity with our people in Gaza.” The shock move means there will be no huge Christmas tree put up or any decorative lights in Manger Square - the exact spot where Yeshua was said to be born. This is the first time they have been canceled since the modern celebrations began and even during the Covid-19 pandemic the square was still decorated. A spokesman for the Bethlehem municipality said: “The reason is the general situation in Palestine; people are not really into any celebration, they are sad, angry, and upset; our people in Gaza are being massacred and killed in cold blood.” “Bethlehem should send out its own message of condolence and mourning.” A Christmas “mass and prayers” is still set to take place but no lights or decorations will be up anywhere in the area. (Note: Bethlehem is a historical town with 25,000 people living there, but it sits just six miles south of Jerusalem in the Palestinian-patrolled Judea and Samaria. Due to the rich religious history, Christians from all around the world go on a pilgrimage to Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity to celebrate the birth of Yeshua.)

Lord, let Your light shine into the darkest areas of the earth. Expose all plots to harm Your people…both Jews and Christians. Thank You that there is increasing coordination between the agencies who are in charge of security and protection. We bless the security forces and police forces around the world…they have an impossible job to protect all the people all the time. Give them much wisdom and great alertness, we pray!

"YHWH discovers deep things out of darkness and brings the shadow of death to light." (Job 12:22)


A number of Jewish celebrities recently blasted the massive spread of antisemitism via TikTok during a private video call with the social platform’s executives and employees. Antisemitism has exploded on social media since the Hamas invasion and massacre of 1,200 Israelis on October 7 and the subsequent ongoing war between Hamas terrorists and the Israel Defense Forces in the Gaza Strip.

Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, antisemitism has exploded on China's social media and traditional media, spouted by Communist Party media outlets, senior researchers, and diplomats who dehumanize Jews and demonize Israel. Official sources take an active part in fueling the discourse.

At a November 10 vigil at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, professor John Strauss made clear his condemnation of the terrorist group that rules the Gaza Strip and attacked Israel on October 7. He said, “Hamas are murderers; that’s all they are,” he said. “Everyone should be killed, and I hope they all are.” In response, administrators chose to bar Strauss from campus, allowing him to contact students virtually for the rest of the semester.

On Thursday (Nov 23), Thanksgiving Day in the USA, antisemites, purportedly associated with a group calling themselves the People’s City Council – Los Angeles, attacked the home of Michael Tuchin, the president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The Hamas-genocide-supporters threw smoke bombs and red paint at and in front of Tuchin’s home, made a lot of noise with sirens and banging, and waved a banner calling him a baby-killer.

In her November 21 article on CBC News, senior writer Brishti Basu – whose social media is replete with anti-Israel content and who previously signed an anti-Israel open letter back in 2021 – shared the supposed meaning behind the pro-Palestinian phrase “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” But not only was Basu’s article heavily one sided – 80 percent of the interviewees quoted expressed support for the phrase – even when one of them explicitly stated that it refers to Israel’s elimination as a Jewish State, citing “75 years of occupation,” Basu failed to tell readers the significance of those words. This kind of coverage is not surprising considering that this journalist – who’s tasked to be objective and politically neutral – is actually an activist due to her signing an anti-Israel letter, and despite this, is employed by the CBC and allowed to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Father, open the eyes of the Jews who remain in exile to see how the current rise of anti-Semitism is being allowed by You in order to chase them home (Jer. 16:16). Yet with others, draw them back to Israel through Your everlasting covenant-love (Jer. 31:3). Abba, may the present Israeli government make Aliyah as much of a priority as You do (Jer. 32:41-42). Show Israel that while it is proper to be concerned for the security of Jews who choose to live in the exile – as well as to speak out against anti-Semitism – Israel must not encourage them to stay there. Father, You desire for Believers to co-labour with You to restore Israel and bring You people home (Isa. 49:22; 60:8-12). We ask You to raise up pastors and elders who will preach this truth without fear (1 Cor. 3:9; Gal. 4:16).

“I will return Israel to his home, and he shall feed on Carmel and Bashan [the Golan], and his soul shall be satisfied on mount Ephraim and Gilead [northern Jordan]. In those days… the iniquity of Israel shall be sought for, and none; and the sins of Judah shall not be found: for I will pardon [+forgive] them whom I reserve [the remnant].” (Jeremiah 50:19-20)


Lord Yeshua, we thank You for building Your throne in Elam – ancient Iran – through the growth of the Iranian Body (Jer. 49:38a; Matt. 16:18b). We again ask for protection and numerical and physical growth for the Iranian Body, and that You would anoint them as they pray for their nation (1 Tim. 2:1-4), and for Israel (Gen. 12:3a; Psa. 122:6). We also pray for You to fulfill the rest of Jeremiah 49:38 and destroy Iran's leadership today. Use the arrogance and hatred towards Israel and the Jews of these, Your adversaries, to quicken their total demise (Num. 24:9b; Isa. 8:9-10; Obad. 1:3-4).Lord God, do a miracle and destroy Iran's economy, yet continue to care for Iranian citizens who do stand with Israel against their own demonically-inspired leaders (Prov. 28:28; 29:2). Swallow up all of Iran's underground nuclear facilities (Psa. 99:1; Isa. 24:19-20). In Your timing draw Hezbollah into Your trap and release the IDF to finish them off (Mic. 4:11-13). Continue to protect and mature the Iranian Body, using them as salt and light there (Matt.5:13-16). Anoint them as they pray for their nation (1 Tim. 2:1-4), and for Israel (Gen. 12:3a; Psa. 122:6). Allow the exceedingly great pride and hatred towards Israel and the Jews of Iran's and their proxies' leaders hasten their final downfall (Isa. 8:9-10; Obad. 1:3-4). We also pray that, whatever it means today, You would break Elam's "bow" (Jer. 49:35).

“Arise YHWH, let not man prevail; let the nations be judged in Your sight. Put them in fear, YHWH that the nations may know themselves to be but men. Selah.” (Psalm 9:19-20)


On Monday (Nov 20), the United Nations marked the World Children’s Day with very little attention, if any, given to 38 Israeli babies, toddlers and youth under the age of 18 who were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7. Some children were abducted from their homes with their parents. Others saw at least one of their parents or siblings murdered in front of their eyes. One baby was reportedly born in captivity to a 35-year-old Thai worker named Nutthawaree Munkan. Nonetheless, on the occasion that commemorates the Declaration of the Rights of the Child by the United Nations General Assembly on Nov. 20, 1959, UNICEF’s Executive Director Catherine Russell failed to mention the abducted children in her annual statement. UNICEF has also disregarded the Israeli hostage children online, even though it posted a video of Palestinian children in Gaza sharing their wishes amidst the ongoing escalation of hostilities. Outside the UNICEF offices in New York, hundreds of Israel-supporters, and some families whose loved ones were abducted by Hamas, demonstrated to raise awareness to the hostage children cause. Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan said on Monday (Nov 20) that on this day, the UN recognizes “the wellbeing of all children, unless they are Israeli.”

Note: On Monday, Erdan hosted the largest screening to date of the film of Hamas atrocities, with over 300 ambassadors, diplomats, senior UN officials and Jewish leaders in attendance. In his speech to the crowd, the ambassador noted that UNRWA schools that educate Palestinian children with UN funding, serve as platforms that glorify terror and violence.

On Tuesday (Nov 21), Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan hosted a screening of footage of the atrocities carried out by Hamas terrorists in Israel on October 7. The screening took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. The event, “Through the Voice and Eyes of Hamas,” was aimed at exposing the depths of the brutal depravity of Hamas terrorists and its civilian accomplices. This was to be the largest screening that has taken place to date with over 300 ambassadors, diplomats, senior UN officials, and Jewish leaders expected to attend. The screening itself was an invitation-only event, with attendees required to leave their phones and recording devices outside the screening hall out of respect for the victims and their families. The “atrocity film” has already been screened for several selected audiences, including the Israeli Knesset, European parliaments and a select group of Hollywood actors and producers. It consists of footage taken from Hamas terrorists’ bodycams and Israeli car cameras and CCTV, showing the horrific murder of Israeli men, women and children on Oct. 7.

On Tuesday (Nov 21), the screening of footage of the atrocities carried out by Hamas terrorists in Israel on October 7 was inaugurated with speeches from Erdan and 'Son of Hamas' Mosab Hassan Yousef. Yousef grew up as the son of one of Hamas’ founders and was a member of the group until he became one of Israel's Shin Bet security agency's most important informants, given the codename “the Green Prince.” He later became Christian, wrote a book about his experiences and now lives in the United States. His personal testimony exposed “the true face of Hamas' genocidal death cult.” To hear and see this excellent presentation to the UN, go to :

Last week, Israel pulled no punches in accusing the United Nations and the World Health Organization of “complicity” in Hamas war crimes because these agencies did not stop the terror group from using hospitals in the Gaza Strip as bases from which to attack Israelis. Since its incursion into Gaza following the Hamas massacre of Israeli civilians on October 7, the IDF has found concrete proof of the terror group’s abuse of hospitals for terror purposes. Even before its recent discoveries in Gaza, Israel has long asserted that Hamas embeds its terror infrastructure within hospitals and schools to deter Israel from striking them. The UN has itself been accused of corruption in Gaza, with UNRWA, (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) being staffed by Hamas sympathizers. Amid the ongoing devastating war in Gaza, rendered exceptionally complex and traumatic through the presence of civilians in and around suspected Hamas terror infrastructure, Prime Minister’s Office Spokesman Eylon Levy stated at a press briefing on November 14: “For too long international agencies and officials have been tacitly complicit with Hamas’s long-standing abuse of hospitals as human shields.” Levy singled out Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), and UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths and said Israel required full accountability from them. What did you know? Why did you not say anything? Why do you continue to do propaganda for Hamas instead of doing your jobs?” Levy asked.

Father, block every attempt by the Enemy to divide Your land by using the evil tactics of the United Nations. As well, dismantle these new initiatives to revive a two-state solution in Israel, we pray! Make Israel's leaders deaf to this accusatory feedback from the nations (Prov. 11:9). Father, have mercy on the nations who are supporting the many resolutions against Israel. Abba, increase and bless all the nations that support Israel…we pray that the Canadian government will be pro-Israel in all future resolutions. (Num. 24:9). Confront all lukewarm nations. (Rev. 3:15-16). Father, wake up Believers in the nations that they may see the curse that is brought on their country when their nation votes against Israel in the United Nations (Hab. 3:1-2). Abba, block the Palestinian authority’s latest attempt to receive nationhood by appealing to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Bring to repentance those nations that are promoting this illegal procedure and standing with the Palestinian Authority. Protect Israel's UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan who openly criticized the UN over its failure to censure Hamas for its murderous attacks against Israeli civilians – including Israeli Arabs (Gal. 4:16)!

Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered: let them also that hate Him flee before Him…Rebuke the company of spearmen…scatter the people that delight in war.” (Psalm 68:1,30)


Father, appear to all of Hamas' hostages – whether Jewish and Gentile – and save them (Isa. 25:8-9; 61:1). Save the hostages' families and friends who are now crying out to You (Psa. 86:7; Isa. 61:3). Save many IDF soldiers, in particular those who will die in the war (Deut. 20:1-8; Zech. 12:4-10). Use Believing soldiers to provoke others to jealousy (Rom. 11:11, 14). Save and heal the injured and the traumatized, both physically and mentally (Isa. 57:15; 61:1-3). Reveal Messiah unto many Jews in exile who are suddenly very anxious for their safety (Isa. 35:4). Fulfill Hosea 14:4 from the prophetic portion and pour out Your saving grace on Your people: I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for My anger is turned away from him. Thank You, Father, for the recent report that two hundred Gazan men recently came to You following Yeshua appearing to them individually in one night! (John 4:35-36).

“Shout for joy and rejoice, daughter of Zion: for, behold, I come and will dwell in your midst, says YHWH, and many Gentiles shall be joined to YHWH in that day, and shall be My people. I will dwell in your midst, and you shall know that YHWH of hosts has sent Me to you'.” (Zechariah. 2:10-11)

18. WATER:

Israel has entered into the early rainy season and Israel treasures our prayers for rain to fall on the Land…filling up the Sea of Galilee and all of its underground aquifers.

Abba Father, we know You control the weather, so we ask You to use it for Your glory (Job 38:22; Psa. 148:8). In mercy, give Israel all of the water it needs – both now and in the future (Psa. 68:9; Matt. 5:35).

“But as for me, I would seek God, and to God I would commit my cause—Who does great things, and unsearchable, marvelous things without number. He gives rain on the earth and sends waters on the fields.” (Job 5:9-10)


Kibbutz Nir Oz was one of the communities hit the hardest by the Hamas attacks on October 7, with a quarter of its 400 residents killed or abducted by Hamas gunmen. Tens of thousands of volunteers - including entire school classes - have signed up across Israel to temporarily replace foreign workers killed, abducted or forced to flee after the attacks. At Nir Oz, 15 Thai farm workers were killed in their quarters. The volunteers are transported to the farm daily under military escort. As Palestinian rocket fire continues, they have 15 seconds to seek shelter when rocket alert sirens blare. Many of the volunteers appear driven by a patriotic mission they say is nearly as vital to Israel's future as they believe the war on Hamas is - tending the farms, animals and fields that have been abandoned since Oct. 7.

Twelve thousand doctors, nurses and paramedics from around the world have informed Israel's Health Ministry that they are ready to hop on a plane to Israel and volunteer their services during the ongoing war with Hamas. The readiness of these physicians - most Jewish, but not all - to leave their busy practices abroad has been heartwarming for Israel's medical community. So far, more than 150 have come to help. More than 5,000 civilians, IDF soldiers and police officers were injured on October 7 and in the ensuing war. The Health Ministry stated, "We are not recruiting volunteer doctors from abroad to serve with the IDF or on the frontlines. We need them on the home front, filling in for Israeli doctors who have been called up for military service."

Dozens of ambulances that were built and armored in the USA arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport last Sunday (Nov 19).

Israeli game-changer 'Iron Beam' laser defense system expected to be operational in 2024

Israel's cutting-edge Iron Beam defense system is expected to become operational ahead of schedule and likely sometime in 2024. Israeli defense companies Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) view the ongoing war in Gaza as a valuable test ground for the advanced laser-based aerial defense system. Once operational, the Iron Beam is expected to become a game-changer as it costs only a fraction to operate compared to Israel’s current Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow aerial defense system. While every Iron Dome missile costs tens of thousands of dollars, each Iron Beam interception will reportedly cost only a few dollars each.

The Jewish state has invested billions of dollars in establishing the world’s arguably most advanced multi-layered aerial defense system. While the IDF's aerial defense has been largely successful in terms of precision strikes, it is very expensive to maintain and operate the system compared to cheaper missiles used by Iran's terror proxies, such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

  • This is the world’s first energy-based weapons system that has proven to actually work. The Iron Beam’s interceptions are silent, they’re invisible and they only cost around $3.50.

  • The current Swords of Iron war in Gaza is expected to cost the Israeli economy billions of dollars, in part, because of the large expense of using defense missiles that each cost tens of thousands of dollars to intercept and neutralize significantly cheaper incoming enemy missiles from Gaza and Lebanon, for example.

  • The Iron Beam system is expected to change the equation by making Israel’s defensive response even cheaper than the incoming hostile missiles from terror organizations. Hundreds of engineers and other military experts at Rafael’s Research Development and Engineering division are currently working to accelerate the development and deployment of the Iron Beam system.

  • “One year from now – Israel will be the first country to have partial laser protection. In two years, there may be complete protection against missiles, shells, rockets, or anything else. This will protect Israel both in the south and in the north.

Thank You, that You continue to bless Israel. Thank You that You have chosen to bless the world through the Jewish people. May the world see these inventions and discoveries as a fulfillment of Your promise to Abraham!

“The LORD had said unto Abram, ‘Get out of your country, from your kindred, and your father's house, unto a land that I will show you. I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great. And you shall be a blessing…and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed’” (Genesis 12:1-3)

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